• In Light of COVID-19

    Prince of Peace Lutheran Church does take the current pandemic seriously.  We have taken extra measures to do our best to keep all safe while seeking to serve the children of God and deliver the gifts of God, his precious Word and Sacrament in an atmosphere free of the anxiety promoted by the world. In light of the recent global infestation of COVID-19, let it be clear, the devil will not scare us away from gathering together to receive the Lord’s gifts of Word and Sacrament.  For this reason, too, we will continue to boldly use the common cup for no poison will God give through his most precious cup. …

  • Passing Through or Looking for a Church Home?

    If you are passing through on vacation or are new to the area, you are certainly invited to join us for the Divine Service at 9am!  Do you desire to receive the Sacrament?  See our “What We Believe section”  to learn more about the loving practice of Closed Communion. Please feel free to contact our Pastor and let him know that you will be attending or to ask any questions.